LOCATION: Université Sainte-Anne, Church Point, NS

CLIENT: Tate Engineering

VALUE: $20, 000 (fees)

YEAR: 2021 - 2022

ROLE: Geotechnical Engineering / Material Testing

CATEGORY: Geotechnical Engineering

Harbourside was retained by Tate Engineering as part of the design of Université Sainte-Anne track and field facility for their client Municipality of the District of Clare.

Harbourside’s scope of work included carrying out a geotechnical test pit investigation, site inspection, engineering recommendations for soft soil conditions, volume estimates, testing of granular fills, compaction testing, asphalt field testing, and foundation inspection for light standards.

As construction of the site was in an area of soft and low-lying ground that had previously been used as a dump site, Harbourside had to carefully delineate the unsuitable materials and ensure they were removed in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The track has strict requirements for planarity and surface drainage to achieve compliance with a testing agency and certifier so it would be qualified for use in international events (no deviation >10 mm under a 3.0 m straightedge). Harbourside provided recommendations and construction supervision to limit settlements and meet the strict requirements in spite of the poor native soil conditions and low quality fills on the site at the start of the work.